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Hooki is one of the best inventions I've discovered since a long time.

Especially as a professional musician you need to carry your instrument whole day long and I'm extremely happy to get support by this design!

The position of the Hooki is so well balanced on all the parts of the upper body, so that the weight of the instrument feels like nothing and I can fully concentrate on creating music.

And next to that it looks super hip and that makes it even more unique! 

Thank you so much for this innovation!

Simon Spiess  (

Oktober 2017:

In the meantime, I am playing and practising only with HOOKI.

Since I am using this strap, I don’t have any hardening in my neck area or in my shoulders any more. (Earlier, it hurt from the side to my head, but now this is not an issue at all). Furthermore, I had the tendency to pull up one shoulder slightly. This effect also has vanished with HOOKI !

Christina Bernard, August 2017:

Voices of our Customers

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Charly Schmid, Linz, October 2017:

I am using Hooki since a few days and I cope with it better and better.

Today, I played baritone for 3 hours - it was a great relief - physically and mentally :o)

Not to compare with earlier straps…

My pupils also wanted to try this exquisite accessory…

Compliments for this wonderful invention!!

With swinging greetings from Linz
charly schmid

Angela Puxi, November 2017:

In the last years, I was always searching for a supporting system which is optically suitable for the stage, provides easy handling and unburdens my neck.

Now I found it, finally!

Thank you, developers of HOOKI, for this exceptional, ergonomic and stylish invention!

Other supporting systems promising a relieve of the neck have a rather rack-like appearance. This might be sufficient for exercising, but is unacceptable for a stage situation. This is for optical reasons as well as handling considerations.

Conventional straps always put strain on spine and neck-muscles, so that I had to deal with hardening of my neck muscles after performances.

Thanks to HOOKI, I can now leave the stage completely uncramped. Hardenings are history.

On top of everything, HOOKI is a professional and really cool-looking gadget.

Gred Reger, November 2017:

I use  it every Monday.

What I think of it? I find it very positive.

Absolutely recommendable for nerds und heavy users.

Why? - You feel nothing..


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