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An oldfashioned strap pulling your neck is not good for your posture.

HOOKI relieves the neck.

HOOKI rests on the shoulder muscles.

HOOKI is an ergonomic miracle.

A difference like night and day.

With HOOKI, playing becomes incredibly easy.

A conventional strap pulls the neck to the front.

Defined as neck is the part of the spine with the first seven vertebrae.

Above the seventh cervical vertebra, the neck muscles must support the strap and the weight of the instrument. The neck is pulled forward, and the vertebrae are shifted towards each other. However, neither the shape of the vertebrae, nor the neck muscles are designed for such loads.

Fatigue, joint, and postural damage may result.

The thoracic spine begins below the seventh vertebra. The vertebrae are thicker, better integrated, and designed for carrying heavy loads. Here, the shoulder blades and thus the arms are "suspended".

HOOKI rests on the muscels of the shoulders which take advantage of the strong support of the thoracic spine. In contrast to a strap, the sensitive cervical vertebrae are not drawn forward.

The fact that the neck is relieved opens up new options for playing.

It is ideal for both practising and performing on stage.

For modern and classical music.

Loud and quiet. Delicate or expressive.

The seventh vertebra


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