Version 4.2.3  Release: 23.5.2018

Copyright ©  2017, 2018: Sebastian Reich & Markus Maier GbR

  Hooki Saxohongurt Saxophon Instrumentenbügel, Saxophon Tragegurt,  Hooki Saxohongurt Saxophon Instrumentenbügel,  

Hooki der Gurt der kein Gurt ist

HOOKI is new

HOOKI is not a strap

HOOKI is freedom


freedom for your music


- HOOKI is not a strap.

- HOOKI does not pull on your neck

- HOOKI directs forces around your neck

- HOOKI does not constrict your neck

- HOOKI allows a whole new freedom of movement

- HOOKI is good for your posture

- HOOKI lies on the shoulder muscles, where much weight can be    carried longer and without fatigue

- HOOKI is ergonomic

- HOOKI can also be worn under your jacket

HOOKI rests on the muscels of your nape.

Here, even large loads can be carried a long time.

The neck remains free of forces and hence, will not be constricted.

It is easier to play with HOOKI

Free neck

We developed HOOKI because we felt that a strap could not be the final stage of development.

Playing HOOKI feels so good because it’s physics is different

Release your Music

To practice or on stage

With HOOKI everything is easier.

Even long practice is more relaxed:

The instrument appears to be lighter, it is easier to maintain a good posture.

On stage you can concentrate on the perfomance.

This is the new freedom of playing.


Play the next Level!