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You will no longer want to play with a strap.

The fit of HOOKI is perfectly ergonomic.

Different radii merge in a complex manner and direct the weight onto the shoulder muscles.

HOOKI consists of a firm yet resilient aluminium tube:

Hard enough to safely carry even heavy instruments – flexible enough to adapt to playing and body movements.

The HOOKI pads are made of a lightweight, rigid, and flexible plastic foam. Their surface is silky smooth, yet they do not slip on clothing.

HOOKI is comfortable to wear – both for practice as well as on stage.

HOOKI - Sizes

The necessary size is surprisingly independent form the different sizes of people.

For most people the best choice is our size M.

 A certain influence can be found in the length of the neck and the belly.

Who has a short neck (underside of chin under upperside of shoulders) or who has a larger waist, orders our size L

Smaller adoptions like adjustment for the width of the shoulders can be made altering the position of the cushions on the metal tube.

Women very rarely have problems with HOOKI due to their anatomy.

There is already quite a number of female Saxophone players who would never give away their HOOKI.

We are planning to release a size S for children and people with a delicate build. This small size is not available yet.

A further parameter is the kind of instrument:  

A tenor saxophone  is longer and is played at the side, while an alto is shorter and is held more in front of the body.

So please note in your order which instrument you are playing. You will receive an optimized shape.

If your HOOKI does not fit, we will exchange it with another size or shape.

Smaller adoptions can be done by yourself.

Fit and Sizes


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